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The 4th Dimension

The 4th Dimension
Business Name: The 4th Dimension
Country: Australia

Many people today consider themselves to be a skeptic. It is important to distinguish the difference between a skeptic and a debunker:

The former has an open mind and is seeking the truth, even if that truth means that their previous opinion was wrong. A true skeptic doesn’t believe that we humans know everything there is to know and accepts there will be new things discovered eventually just as has happened in times past – however they quite rightly need ‘proof’ before they accept something as fact.

A debunker, on the other hand, has a closed mind, and fervently seeks out material (such as frauds being exposed etc) that will support their (rigid) belief, and has no intention or desire to consider any evidence that is contrary to their belief.

At the 4th, we do not take the highly arrogant & ignorant view that mankind already has all the answers, or even that we possess the intellectual capacity to ever find or comprehend the answers to everything.

You, the reader, have the choice of which side of the fence you wish to spend your life on – the side which slavishly follows popular belief and is too scared to have an opinion of your own that dares to differ from those around you (the flock) – or to keep an open mind and begin your own journey of discovery into the as-yet unknown.

We hope you enjoy visiting our website, and into the fourth dimension....

  • The 4th Dimension
  • The 4th Dimension
  • The 4th Dimension
  • The 4th Dimension
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