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JCE Editor Tutorial – Creating Groups To Restrict Access

Article: JCE Editor Tutorial - Creating Groups To Restrict AccessDid you know you can use the excellent JCE editor extension to help secure your Joomla website by controlling access to certain files?

This feature is especially useful if your website has many contributors or authors (or even if you just want to create a simplified version of the WYSIWYG editor to make it easier for them).

To make it easier for you, we've created this JCE Editor tutorial with screenshots...


How to create Groups for the JCE Editor:

1. Go to the JCE administration area....

  • Components >> JCE Administrator >> Groups.


2. Select "Groups" & Create a new Group

(Or copy an existing one....  - I recommended this unless you are experienced with Joomla or web design etc.....)

JCE Editor Tutorial – Creating Groups To Restrict Access

JCE Editor Groups Tutorial - screenshot 1


3. Give your new Group a name, & select the user-group for the new group.....

Group Details

  • The Setup section contains fields for the Group Name (required), Group Description (optional), Enabled state, Order, Types (a list of user types), and Users (a list of users of the group).
  • Note: Every Group must have a Name, and at least one Type or User assigned to it

JCE Setup Tab (See below image  - Screenshot 2)

JCE Editor Tutorial – Creating Groups To Restrict Access

JCE Editor Groups Tutorial - screenshot 2


4. In the first "Setup" tab, fill in a decsription for your new group, and select the user-group that will be assigned to the new group (Authors, Publishers etc)

  • You can select multiple types of users by pressing shift & selecting the user-groups you want...
  • You can assign single users to the group by entering them into the "Users" box at the bottom of the page


5. In the second "Editor Parameters" tab, adjust any of the settings you wish to change / modify....

JCE Parameter Tab (See below image - Screenshot 3)

JCE Editor Tutorial – Creating Groups To Restrict Access

JCE Editor Groups Tutorial - screenshot 3


6. In the "Editor Parameters" tab (see above image) you can also restrict access to the File Directory Path....

Limiting Authors or other non-administrators etc to a particular image folder is a good way to restrict their access......

  • To restrict access to image folder: In the "Editor Parameters" tab, scroll to the bottom of the page to get to "Plugin Options". In the box marked "File Directory Path" select the image folder this group will have access to....
  • If you have many authors or users, it is a good idea to limit their access to one folder each, with their name on it....
    You can do this easily & automatically within the "Plugin Options" box by inserting the file path address of:  images/stories/$username into the images file path box. This will automatically create a folder for each person based on their username and they'll only be able to upload to that folder.
  • Note: This setting will only work inside the JCE editor!! - so you will need to unpublish the normal Joomla image button. To do this, go to: Extensions >> Plugin Manager and disable the "Editor Button - Image" plugin.


You can Also:

  • Restrict which files this new groups can use...
  • Limit the amount of uploads this group can upload
  • There are many other settings within this tab that you can configure to suit your needs...


7. In the third "Layout" tab, you can select which icons / functions you wish to add or remove....

JCE Layout Tab (See below image - Screenshot 4 )

JCE Editor Tutorial – Creating Groups To Restrict Access

JCE Editor Groups Tutorial - screenshot 4

Simply "drag & drop" to add or remove the icons. Use a separator to separate them so they are neater & easier to see)
Note: Only commands and plugins that are published are available to be assigned.

8. If you have any JCE plugins installed, you can configure them within the "Plugin Parameters" tab"

Within this tab you can restrict access & actions etc of the group concerning various JCE plugins & functions (if you have them installed / enabled), such as:

  • Copy & Paste
  • Image Manager - File Directory Path
  • Advanced Link parameters
  • File Browser
Without Plugins enabled / installed....(See below image - Screenshot 5)
JCE Editor Tutorial – Creating Groups To Restrict Access

JCE Editor Groups Tutorial - screenshot 5


With Plugins enabled / installed.... (See below image - Screenshot 6)
JCE Editor Tutorial – Creating Groups To Restrict Access

JCE Editor Groups Tutorial - screenshot 6

9. When you are finished, press Save.

10. If you want your new group to be the "Default" group, you can change or configure that within the JCE control panel.

11. You can also change the order of the Groups....



  • Any actions performed on the Default Layout are not saved. Only actions affecting the Group Layout are saved to this Group.
  • Any plugins installed after the Group Layout is assigned will not be available to the Group. They will need to be assigned to the Group Layout after installation.
  • UPDATE: As of JCE 1.5.0 'Stable', new plugins are automatically added to the 'Default' group, but must be added to any other groups.


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