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CSV Lists For Countries

CSV Lists of Countries
Posted: December 12, 2009 at 8:18 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

CSV Lists of CountriesI've often needed a CSV list of countries to insert into various software programs over the years, and each time had to scramble around the net to find one suitable for the specific application (eg: some software requires a CSV list separated with commas, some with semi-colons, some with nothing on the end, etc etc), and so now I've collected them all here in one place to save you time and effort.

Some CSV lists have additional places or country names added that others do not, (which happens with countries lists as they can change names over time), but you are free to merge, subtract or modify them as you wish.

These CSV lists are all available to download for free (by our Members only), via our BIS Downloads section. Below is a list of the Country CSV Lists that are currently available:


 CSV Lists For Countries


  • CSV list of Countries #1 - all on one line, separated by commas ,
  • CSV list of Countries #2 - all on one line, separated by semi-colons ;
  • CSV list of Countries #3 - on separate lines, separated by commas ,
  •  CSV list of Countries #4 - on separate lines without commas (or anything) on ends
  • CSV list of Countries #5 - numbered, on separated lines, and includes details of each country (currencies, capital cities, etc)
  • CSV list of Countries #6 - all on one line, separated by vertical lines ("|"). - (New - Added 09/04/2010)

Please go to our BIS Downloads page to download the CSV Lists

(Note: You must be a member of this website in order to access our downloads)

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