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WordPress Version 3.9 Released

WordPress Version 3.9 Released
Posted: April 20, 2014 at 2:43 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Video: WordPress Version 3.9

Version 3.9 of WordPress, named “Smith” in honor of jazz organist Jimmy Smith, was released this week and is available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard. Website owners and webmasters  should update their sites as soon as possible, remembering to do a full backup (files and database) before updating.

This release features a number of refinements.. A few of the highlights are smoother media editing experience, Improved visual editing, a smart-looking new "Audio and Video Playlist" feature to showcase your music and clips in style (imagine - create in-built video playlists without adding any 3rd-party plugins!),  and more.


WordPress Version 3.9 - Highlights

Some of the main highlights of WordPress 3.9 are detailed below:


Improved visual editing

Improved visual editing

Improved visual editing

The updated visual editor has improved speed, accessibility, and mobile support. You can paste into the visual editor from your word processor without wasting time to clean up messy styling (Yeah, we’re talking about you, Microsoft Word.)...Uploading your images is easier than ever. Just grab them from your desktop and drop them onto the (visual) editor.


Edit images easily

With quicker access to crop and rotation tools, it’s now much easier to edit your images while editing posts. You can also scale images directly in the editor to find just the right fit.


Drag and drop your images

Drag and drop your images

Drag and drop your images

Uploading your images is easier than ever. Just grab them from your desktop and drop them onto the editor.


WordPress Version 3.9 - Gallery previews

Gallery previews

Gallery previews

Galleries display a beautiful grid of images right in the editor, just like they do in your published post.


WordPress Version 3.9 - Audio Video Lists

Audio Video Lists

Do more with audio and video

Images have galleries; now we’ve added simple audio and video playlists, so you can showcase your music and clips.


Live widget and header previews

Add, edit, and rearrange your site’s widgets right in the theme customizer. No “save and surprise” — preview your changes live and only save them when you’re ready.

The improved header image tool also lets you upload, crop, and manage headers while customizing your theme.


Stunning new theme browser

Looking for a new theme should be easy and fun. Lose yourself in the boundless supply of free themes with the beautiful new theme browser.


Inline Code Documentation

Every action and filter hook in WordPress is now documented, along with expanded documentation for the media manager and customizer APIs.


New Utility Functions

Identify a hook in progress with doing_action() and doing_filter(), and manipulate custom image sizes with has_image_size() and remove_image_size().

Plugins and themes registering custom image sizes can now register suggested cropping points. For example, prevent heads from being cropped out of photos with a top-center crop.


Improved Database Layer

Database connections are now more fault-resistant and have improved compatibility with PHP 5.5 and MySQL 5.6.


External Libraries

Updated libraries:

TinyMCE 4, jQuery 1.11, Backbone 1.1, Underscore 1.6, Plupload 2, MediaElement 2.14, Masonry 3.


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